Who I am?

I am Romain Muller or Oprax in the virtual world. You can find me on Mastodon ! I am currently studying at eXia.Cesi, an IT engineering school, at Strasbourg. I am interested in software development and system administration. I use tools like Docker or Ansible to develop my DevOps skills. I am also interested in sciences such as physics or biology, but also in social sciences. I read some books or comics about Albert Einstein or Thomas Pesquet (a French astronaut).

'Witch Head' Brews Baby Stars

My personal experiences

Crab Nebula

My projects


A shop (and showcase) for Cuisinefit, a company which deliver a dietetic lunch directly to your gym.

Bag Innovation

School project, the goal was to take an everyday object and make innovation, try a new concept about it. For my team, we took the backpack and create a modular backpack with different compartments.


A website to show technical information (IP, ASN, etc) about a website and nameservers that serve this website. The code source is available to everyone !

Cat's Eye Nebula

My tools and languages that I use


My environement

I am used to working on a Linux machine (the distribution depends on the times, I have already used Debian, Fedora and at the moment I use Antergos).


Languages & Frameworks

To make websites I use the PHP framework Laravel. I also use vue.js when necessary. Otherwise, I use a lot of Python to make my scripts. For example, I created a script to manage more easily my backups.



From a system point of view, I use mostly Debian with Nginx as a web server and MySql as a database. In order to properly deploy all these technologies, I use Ansible. I keep my Ansible playbook on GitLab.